The ETC group (Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration) has publicized geoengineering through a contest open to the international public titled, Pie-in-the-Sky-Contest. The goal was to “spotlight the wackiest” creations for geoengineering scenarios. Submissions ranged from ridiculous and somewhat mocking, to others that seemed to fit right in with current inventions created by scientists. The winner, Vicky Schutte of Canada, proposed that we use high powered rockets to permanently pull the earth farther from the sun. A more in-depth description of Ms. Schutte’s proposal can be found here:

The contest seems to have increased public awareness, and definitely public involvement in geoengineering. I wonder what ETC’s motives were in such a competition. The mission of ETC is to promote sustainability on a global and near-global scale through providing those with power over the environment with analysis and research. Altering the earth’s climate falls into that category. It’s alarming to think that a company could potentially take geoengineering, perform their own analysis, and assuming they find financial and technical support, could implement the ideas themselves. The Indian Ocean experiment (see earlier post) may have set an alarming precedent.